No, it’s not OK to say you’re afraid of me because I have dwarfism – SheKnows - Fear midget

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Achondroplasiaphobia is the fear of little people or midgets. It is also called Nanosophobia or Lollypopguildophobia. The word Achondroplasiaphobia is derived. EtymologyEdit · achondroplasia +‎ -phobia, in reference to a genetic disorder that causes dwarfism. NounEdit. achondroplasiaphobia (uncountable). (rare.

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By Neran - 10:28
Michael shows granny some pictures of midgets and she runs away! Hahahaha!
By JoJonris - 01:31
Fear of little people. aka midgets or dwarfs. Fear of little people. aka midgets or dwarfs. "Doc, I have a fear of being bitten on the kness by little people. Can you.
By JoJoshura - 07:26
Why do people think it's OK to 'fear' little people? Over a decade later, my memoir, Dwarf: A Memoir of How One Woman Fought for a Body.
By Brajas - 01:24
Midget is a term for a person of unusually short stature that is considered by some to be pejorative. While not a medical term, it has been applied to persons of​.

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